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New domestic sawmilling machines iWM

New domestic sawmilling machines iWM

I think many woodworking industry professionals are familiar with the machines for processing roundwood WALTER, Mebor, Wravor, MS Maschinenbau. The quality of this equipment is checked by time and by a lot of customers. However, the prices for it, as they say in the people, "bite." Which, of course, affects the payback period of machine tools, forcing, in some cases, business owners to take loans at a high interest, sometimes even in currency, which further complicates the situation. Also, you often can not do without problems when installing and launching new expensive equipment. Western companies, as a rule, do not complicate themselves with a detailed and qualitative presentation, rightly partly believing that their work experience and the number of satisfied customers speak for themselves. And the subtleties of communication and translation also leave their imprint.

In addition, each production has its own specifics, especially in woodworking, where not only the sizes of the input and output products differ, which in itself is not small, but also the raw and qualitative composition of raw materials, the degree the organization of production, its material and technical support, the quality of the personnel providing the servicing of this expensive equipment, the methods of preparing the tool, the load of the lines, the replacement schedule, etc., etc.

In practice, you can take into account all these factors only by thoroughly studying the production and adjusting your equipment to the client's needs. For the reasons stated above, it is difficult for Western companies to do this. Often they simply do not have the time and resources to study production in detail. Hence the emerging complexity of implementation, which along with the high cost of equipment leads to losses or a long payback period.

On the other hand, many companies know companies from Russia and Ukraine that manufacture cheap roundwood processing equipment. These companies do offer inexpensive equipment with a good price-performance ratio. The key word here is "not bad". Cheap equipment, in the production of which inexpensive materials and technologies are used, is much inferior to foreign analogues both during the period of unattended operation and in productivity.

The company and WM set an ambitious goal: the production of high-quality wood-processing equipment that is in no way inferior to Western analogues, but with an acceptable price that is much lower than its competitors. This, of course, is a difficult path, but only following this path, really successful companies grow, which ultimately create the basis for the development of the entire industry.

Reliable, high-quality equipment of the new generation, produced in Ukraine, is still perceived as a sensation, but, nevertheless, it is a fait accompli. Along with analogs, it is characterized by: the availability of quality certificates; manufacturing of all elements of a design on modern machine tools with ЧПУ; using time-tested high-quality components manufactured by the world's leading manufacturers; the possibility of buying on credit or leasing. All this makes the purchase and operation of the company's equipment a pleasant and profitable business that the first customers who have been using the machines of this company for a year already could estimate.

The advantages of purchasing iWM machines do not end here. Along with the 12-month warranty, the package includes 24/7 service with the constantly-available spare parts. Qualified engineers are ready to leave within 24 hours to anywhere in Ukraine! Taking into account the Ukrainian realities of machine operation - the human factor, the likelihood of untimely maintenance of machinery, a deviation from the manufacturer's recommendations and technical documentation, is always necessary in competent consultation and maintenance.

If you are facing the choice of equipment for sawing wood, pay attention to the line of iWM machines manufactured in Ukraine. Moreover, in order to see it in action or to visit assembly production, it's not necessary to go far.

The company does not stop there. Constantly modernizes and improves its equipment, develops additional options, and also complements its range with new machine models. Innovations that are used by world leaders in the design of components, components and parts, push us to constant modernization and improvement of the design of our equipment, the introduction of new technologies.

Today, based on iWM machines, new sawmills are being created, existing ones are being improved and modernized. IWM equipment is reliable and durable. Due to high productivity and the use of a minimum number of maintenance personnel, it allows its owners to produce high-quality products and earn.

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