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Circular multi-saw MRS160

Circular multi-saw MRS160

iWM edger MRS160 is designed for sawing 2-edged, 3-edged prism and unedged boards with height up to 10 mm and width up to 600 mm into 4-edged prism and edged boards.

The iWM edger MRS160 is used as a second-row machine and provides high-quality edged lumber. It is recommended to use in production lines of medium and high productivity.

The machine is designed for sawing unedged boards and prisms into edged lumber in one pass with an accuracy of 0.5 mm and good surface quality. To remove sawdust effectively, a belt conveyor is installed at the bottom of the MRS160.


  • Laser liner;
  • Driven or non-driven roller conveyors;
  • Mechanical ruler guide;
  • V-belt drive transmission is more reliable, withstands heavy loads.
Max. height of cut, mm 160
Min. height of cut, mm 10
Max. width of cut, mm 600
Max. distance between two exterior blades, mm 550
Min. length of pieces, mm 800
Blade diameter, mm 450
Spindle diameter, mm 80
Max. number of blades per spindle, pcs. 15
Spindle rotation, rpm 2 900
Feed speed, m/min. 5-24
Feed motor capacity, kW 2,2; 3,0; 4,0
Spindle motor capacity, kW 18, 22, 30, 37, 45, 55, 75, 90
Output productivity, m3/hour 8 and more
Length without feeding table, mm 2 970
Height, mm 1 575
Width, mm 1 450
Weight without feeding table, kg 2 800-4 500