iWM® - Industrial woodworking machinery of new generation.


About iWM

High-performance sawmill and woodworking equipment iWM

Our main activity is the development and production of high-performance and competitive woodworking equipment.

Considering the wide experience and specialty of work in the field of sawmilling industry of primary and secondary woodworking, we have developed the equipment of the «NEW GENERATION» !!!

Our goal is to enlarge significantly the volume of round wood processing and to increase the useful yield of finished products. At the same time, the resulting products manufactured with high surface quality and dimensional accuracy!

The quality of iWM machines is confirmed by Quality Certificates; accuracy of assembly is the result of manufacturing of all elements on modern CNC-machines; reliability - the use of time-tested high-quality parts from the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers. But the most important confirmation of quality for us is satisfied customers and their positive feedback.

We do not stop there. We constantly modernize and improve our equipment, develop additional options, and also supplement the range with new models of machines, automation and mechanization. Innovative trends in the development of components and parts help and encourage us to introduce new technologies in the production of the iWM equipment.

On the basis of iWM machines new sawmills are being created, existing ones are being improved and modernized. We are pleased that private entrepreneurs, medium and large sawmills select the iWM machines because they bring profit to their owners, combining modern technology, high productivity with the use of a minimum number of employers.

Our team guarantees a flexible approach to each client request. We offer standard equipment and custom-made ones according to the enquiry. Our client can choose any of our machines or a whole production line. We are open to dialogue and are always ready to help.

Specialists of the company perform installation, supervision, warranty and post-warranty service. The iWM service department has a full range of necessary spare parts and components and, if necessary, will provide a package of services and highly qualified assistance in the 24/7 mode.

Feel the benefits, always be the first - choose iWM!